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The Prophecy

We produce full-length theatrical shows.
Since 2007 Siamsoir have been writing, producing, choreographing and directing their own shows. You can read more about some of our previous productions below.

Our award winning production, The Prophecy, will be touring Scotland during 2014. Glasgow 8th February at Cottiers Theatre and Fochabers 22nd March at the Institute Theatre.

Theatre and Performance Irish Dance at their best; prepare to be transported by enigmatic Irish dance to other realities where faeries and magic rule and warring clans clash.

The Prophecy is gently inspired by W. B Yeats’ poem ‘The Changeling’ which tells the tale of the faeries stealing children away to live with them in Tir Na’ Og.

Set in 1920’s Edinburgh and delving into the mythical land of the Isle of Shadow, the ‘stolen child’, Aoife, is taken by the Queen of the Faeries, Erin, to complete a prophecy in their world;

The Prophecy

A stranger stolen from a mortal land

Must bring together the warring clans

Be warned that time will disappear

And leave that stranger ever here!

Now in this magical land Aoife must fulfill the prophecy by leading the Faeries in battle with the dangerous Shadow people led by Queen Vala and King Aidan,
before time runs out.942101_522022807845632_296694034_n

Best Dance and Theatre Act – 2013 at The Big Burns Supper in Dumfries, the world’s largest Robert Burns Festival.

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Previous Productions

Celtic Caledonia

The plot of Celtic Caledonia is based on the 7th century battle between the Picts and the Gaels in Scotland, and features a few historical figures alongside the fictional.

When all the magic has died in the land of Eire (Ireland), the Celts abandon their barren home and take to the seas. They arrive on the shores of Caledonia with the promise of a new life, only to encounter the Pictish clans already in residence.

Threatened by the new arrivals, the Picts are forced to summon ancient mystical forces in order to protect their land and their culture.

In addition to the two ancestral tribes, two very different styles of dance share the stage. The Celts are performance Irish Dancers and in contrast, the Picts were choreographed in the Contemporary genre, characterised by its fluidity and horizontal energy.

The pinnacle of this unusual blend lies in the stirring scenes of intermingling and interchanging steps, reminiscent of the company’s previous Fringe performance Battle for Eire.

Some images of the performers taken by Adam Levy:

Battle for Eire

Battle for EireBattle for Eire, Siamsoir’s first original full-length show, premiered in May of 2007 and appeared at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe that summer.

Erin, the leader of the villagers of Nareena (brought to life through Irish Dance) signs her life away to the Faery kingdom in return for the protection of her friends from their enemies the Keltons (portrayed by contemporary dancers). She is transported to their kingdom and joins forces with the Faeries to battle with the villagers against the Keltons.

Joined on stage by Shybairn an exciting and vibrant Celtic band, ‘Battle for Eire’ delights audiences with incredible music and compelling dance.