Our history

I had dreamt of Siamsoir Celtic Dance Company for years before making it a reality in 2005. When I set out, I envisioned a company that would perform at social and corporate events, guaranteeing a spectacular performance without exception. Within Siamsoir’s first month we had achieved that goal and I knew that we had something unique; something that should be shared with more audiences. Little did I know the things we would achieve as a group and how we would grow.

Jennifer Roxburgh

2013: We were delighted to win The Best Dance and Theatre Act at the world’s largest Robert Burns Festival in January. From there we went from strength to strength performing with international musicians at Scottish festivals and the Assembly Rooms in Edinburgh. We made links with The Balmoral hotel and performed at weddings throughout Scotland. The Academy grew in numbers of both students and classes and the performance troupe has never been busier. A fantastic year! We are looking forward to touring The Prophecy with several venues booked already.

2012 : The Prophecy was such a critical success at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2011 that it has inspired the troupe to tour in Scotland. Relationships with other dance companies have been created and Siamsoir will work with Red Flame Dance company to deliver two new beginner classes in Haddington. Our ongoing relationship with Edinburgh University continueswith the beginner Irish Dance class at the Dance Society.

2011: Was a busy busy year with more bookings than ever for the Performance Troupe and an average of one new student joining the Academy per week. ‘The Prophecy’, the third in the series of Irish dance theatre shows was performed at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.With incredible reviews from the critics, including a four star review from Broadway Baby and impressive audience reviews, this has been our most profitable and successful show to date. Our annual St Patrick’s Day event ‘Celtic Celebrations’ was completely sold out for 2011.

2010: Siamsoir hosted the first annual ‘Celtic Celebrations’ evening which showcased live Celtic music and dance on St Patrick’s Day (17th March) in the VooDoo Rooms, Edinburgh. 2010 saw the launch of the Academy of Performance Irish Dance.

2009: In the following year, 2009, the troupe took their second Irish dance theatre show ‘Celtic Caledonia’ to Birnam Arts Centre and the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. We had a bigger stage and welcomed bigger audiences which resulted in a nod of ‘Best of the Fringe’ by the Scotsman newspaper.

2008: Siamsoir branched out and relocated to Edinburgh increasing the amount of events we performed at and increasing the size of the troupe. This was the first year that auditions were held for the troupe.

2007: We took our show ‘Battle for Eire’ to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. A management team was established to help me cope with the increased work that the Fringe created.

2006: In 2006 Jennifer wrote, directed and choreographed our first Irish dance theatre show premièring in St Andrews. The Troupe started to grow and positions were sought after.

2005: The company was launched in St Andrews, with the help of 11 other dancers who were interested in doing more performances. We’ve never looked back since!

 Troupe Alumni

Aisling Byers 2010 – 2011
Aisling returned to Northern Ireland to take up a post in Dentristry closer to home. Her infectious attitude and personality are missed most. Aisling was a comitted member of the team with exceptional hard shoe skills.

Rebecca Carradice 2007 – 2011
Becca completed her degree at Edinburgh University and like so many students once they graduate they leave their university city. Becca now lives and works in Leeds. Her hardshoe was an incredibly rythmic and fascinating thing to watch. As a committed member of the team from the moment she joined SIamsoir back in 2007 she helped create the performance troupe of 2009 – 2011 which leaves a lasting legacy in the memory of Siamsoir.

Sarah Maxwell 2007 – 2011
Sarah contributed her entire being to Siamsoir. As the lead dancer of the most successful SIamsoir show to date’The Prophecy’ she brought the main character of Aoife to life in a most unique and admirable way. She helped Siamsoir get 4 star reviews and wowed audiences with her incredible storytelling and acting abilities. She also worked so hard behind the scenes as Funding Manager that she received a special award in 2011 for ‘Outstanding Services to Siamsoir’. Siamsoir will not be the same without her.

Tara Beck 2007 – 2011
Now Tara Bradley, she gave so much to Siamsoir winning the coveted ‘So Siamsoir’ award in 2009. An exceptional dancer, Tara interacted with audiences on both the national and international stage. She helped Siamsoir gain their return invitation to the Beltain Festival, Aviles, Spain for 2012.

Sarah McGuire 2009 – 2011
Sarah contributed excellent technical dancing to Siamsoir reminding us to push ourselves and try new tricks all the time. She was an inspiration the the Elite Performance Troupe and although she is studying abroad we hope to have her back again someday…

Laura Walters 2005 – 2010
Jasmin Silver 2005 – 2007
Kris Love – Technical Director 2005 – 2007
Torrey Manz 2005 – 2007
Ariel Faulkner 2005 – 2007
Hannah Best 2005 – 2007
Ruth Jones 2005 – 2007
Katie McLaughlin 2006 – 2007
Anna Pohle 2005 – 2007
Emily Gay 2005 – 2007
Susanne Wright 2005 – 2007
Naho Nakashimo 2005 – 2007
Shana Moss 2005 – 2006