About Us

Who we are

Siamsoir are Irish Dance Performance Specialists.

Translated from its Gaelic origins, siamsoir means¬† ‘the entertainers’ best electric toothbrush 2019 10 page research paper. As an independent performance Irish dance company based in Edinburgh, Scotland, we strive to be just that. We are Scotland’s Premiere Irish Dance Theatre Company.

Our Mission

The work of the company creates opportunities for participation in dance for everyone.theessayclub.com https://writemyessayrapid.com/

Our Vision

Through dance we want to encourage people to learn about the benefits of exercise and healthy eating and hopefully lead longer and healthier lives.

Our Patron

Juan Carlos Galiano Garcia¬† is the Patron of Siamsoir’s Performance Troupe.best electric toothbrush 2019 10 page research paper

Message from the Director

Company Director Jennifer Roxburghtheessayclub.com https://writemyessayrapid.com/

I had dreamt of Siamsoir Celtic Dance Company for years before making it a reality in 2005. When I set out, I envisioned a company that would perform at social and corporate events, guaranteeing a spectacular performance without exception. Within Siamsoir’s first month we had achieved that goal and I knew that we had something unique; something that should be shared with more audiences. Little did I know the things we would achieve as a group and how we would grow.

I set the aim in 2005 that each year we would achieve something bigger and better; to constantly improve what we had, I am more than proud to say that Siamsoir has done this year after year.

I know that the dedication and passion of the Academy students, Performance Troupe dancers and Management Team are the reasons that Siamsoir continues to produce such excellence.

As Siamsoir expands, I know their dedication will carry us to new levels of achievement.

I hope you will join us on our journey

Jennifer Roxburgh