The Dance of Running Your Own Business

Running a business is a lot like dance: responding to the rhythm of life happening around you, the highs and lows in the music and directing the story of the company around them.

There is so much to manage when running your own business
– relationships,
– self belief
– creativity and
– expertise to name a few.
Running Siamsoir has all of these elements to consider but in huge, exciting quantities.

I wrote a lot about the relationships with dancers in a blog post from a few years ago and re-reading it recently has been empowering. I have learned and implemented these convictions recently and I feel amazing for it. Siamsoir is continuing to flourish because I am strong and have strong relationships surrounding me. Which brings me on to self belief…

Self Belief
I have this in bucket loads, well, most of the time!
I used to not have very much – enough to keep me going and doing this Irish Dance thing but not always enough to enjoy myself whilst doing it. Every now and then something would happen which would make me doubt myself. In these times I would call on my cheerleaders (you know who you are) and they would tell me the truth of the situation, not the version I was telling myself.
Now, years on do you know what…? I now believe the things they tell me. So much so, that the negative thing that has caused me to pick up the phone suddenly becomes an affirmation that I am doing this right, my way. So much so that I can hear my own voice telling me the truth of the situation and there is no negativity. I feel free and so powerful because of this. It’s amazing. I know that I am only this strong because of the cheerleaders who have been there supporting me. I am this strong because I believe myself. Wow – life is good, especially because of the affirmations. Thank you to everyone who has ever tested me and to those who have supported me. I am flying now because of you.

Flying… well that’s another word for Creativity

Flying high - the Siamsoir Way!

Flying high – the Siamsoir Wa

This is one area that Siamsoir just cannot slow down in. I cannot wait for this year. I am bursting at the seams with all the announcements to make. I won’t say another word just now but do check in again to find out what we will be getting our teeth stuck into this year!

I am continually developing and honing my skills so that I can offer the best knowledge and expertise in my field to my dancers. This is something that I am extremely committed to and enjoy doing.  However, I also know when to draw on the expertise of others and this is what makes Siamsoir so strong. There is a lot going on behind the scenes where experts in their fields are contributing to the success of Siamsoir.

The success of Siamsoir comes from the collaboration of experts creating something unique.