The Prophecy… how the story began. A tale about a wobbly tooth

When I was younger I had a most exciting occurrence… the wobbly tooth. Going by my 5 year old niece’s own reaction at the moment to this most incredible of happenings, I had forgotten the mixture of dread and anticipation of the wobbly tooth, the falling out and the tooth faery. Who, according to my niece lives in a house made out of children’s teeth, (bloody bits and all) and mustn’t it be HUGE by now Aunt Jenni?

So, I had a wobbly tooth, which inevitably fell out.  However, this time I happened to be in Ireland on a summer holiday visiting family.  That night I put the tooth under my pillow, reassured by mum and dad that the tooth faery did in fact know where I was located. I fell asleep, dreaming of what I could spend the 50p on in my Aunt Cathleen’s shop, which luckily was attached to the house. Back then you could get Cidona and a Emerald Caramels I imagine!

I woke up the next morning to discover that a lot more than 50p had been left… in its place was a music box decorated with wistful faeries. When I opened it the music started, the pink tu tu around the perfect ballerina faery (quite the combination!) began to pivot on the spot. It was entrancing. Written in beautiful cursive writing along the back was a poem:

Come away, Oh human child
To the waters and the wild
With a faery hand in hand
For the world’s more full of weeping than you can understand

Now to be honest I found this idea a little frightening but also fascinating and so began the lifelong interest in the magical little creatures. Many dances I have choreographed have been influenced by the magic and myths of Ireland. I have my parents to thanks for instilling a curiosity into this magical world.

The Prophecy is based on the poem above, written in 1886 by W B Yeats, The Stolen Child. Our protagonist, Aoife, is stolen in her sleep by the Queen of the Faeries, Erin (that’s me, by the way) and we travel together to the Isle of Shadows, a dark and scary kingdom inhabited by the Shadow people. The Prophecy is a long ago written legend which must be fulfilled before time runs out. Like most of us, the deadline is now dangerously close and so Erin decides to do something about it. She sends her little faeries to find The One. The one child who can bring together the warring clans to save the future of kingdom.

Aoife must unite the Shadows and the Faeries and she does this by falling in love with the King of the Shadows, which as you imagine doesn’t go well with Vala, the Queen of the Shadows. So battle ensues and a lot of scary stuff goes down. You’ll need to come and see it to find out what happens.

But did it even happen…

You can watch the trailer for the show here…

The Prophecy is touring Scotland in 2014:
Saturday 8th February, Cottiers Theatre, Glasgow 7pm tickets…

The Prophecy - Award Winning Irish Dance Show - a faery tale in Irish steps.

The Prophecy – Award Winning Irish Dance Show – a faery tale in Irish steps.

Saturday 22nd March, The Institute, Fochabers 7pm
more dates to be announced.