What gets me excited?

Back-treble toe up, hop step (HUGE) slice-click-down – hello smile, goodbye frown!

In one word ‘music’. I LOVE MUSIC. I also love musicians, a little too much… but that’s another story for another time, probably best to check out Twitter for ‘behind the scenes’ if you are after the gossip… Thank goodness my husband is a guitarist. I definitely hit the jackpot with that handsome devil.

in some sort of 'zone' when dancing to music you love!

in some sort of ‘zone’ when dancing to music you love!

But back to music… I love traditional music, learning my first hornpipe to Begley&Cooney and Foster&Allen and this love came from my parents but more about them in a future blog!

I love to choreograph to music that moves me and when I say moves me I mean that literally gets me off my seat and gets me dancing, creating and envisioning my troupe on stage dancing to it. For the most part, these days the honest answer is the Peatbog Faeries. They will get me every time. The tune I make everyone listen to is Marx Terrace. PBF (yes, I am that cool!) are different and inspiring. They have an understanding for the audience, what they want from a tune but they are also very generous with the passion they put into their music. It’s why it works because it is honest. They are also stonkingly good live and if you haven’t been to a gig yet then you have a wee sad part in your soul waiting to be filled with banging tunes, haunting melodies and charisma that flows off the very stage they stand on. Too much gushing? Yep, I’ll move on here otherwise I am sure I will starting massaging their ego a tad too much… maybe I am getting an ego thinking they will read this.

I have become well known for my ‘fusion choreography’, creating a lyrical and accessible style of Irish Dance that entertains audiences. I have a huge respect for the traditional dancers… it’s where we all came from and I learned my trade like everyone else but instead of choosing Riverdance or Lord of The Dance I chose university, where I founded my company, started teaching and met my husband so I definitely picked the right path for me! I am pretty sure I was one of the first and youngest people in the UK to have their own performance Irish Dance Company, founded in 2002 but officially launched in 2005, although I started teaching my own style in 1999 winning an award for my choreography way back then as a 16 year old! Anyway, the point being that this ‘fusion’ stuff is incredibly popular with our audiences, dare I call them fans? It’s also the most fun to have as a dancer who trained with the traditional dances. We have performed to Beyonce’s ‘Lose My Breath’ (on a cat walk!), Prokofiev’s ‘Montague’s and the Capulets’, and Paolo Nutini’s ‘Pencil Full of Lead’ for which we won an award as part of our Award Winning show The Prophecy. We still love this Charleston-Irish piece and so do our audiences!

So, I love music, a variety of music, it motivates me through my days and makes me happy. It excites me and that comes through when the Troupe are on stage.